Mountain Landscapes - Weihao Pan 潘瑋浩

This gallery shows my favorite subject -Mountain, and along with other subjects surround it. Some mountains are just too big, and the feeling of viewing them is very hard to be described. Images are hard to beat the actual experience, but I still hope these images can give you the feeling I experienced.           

All material © copyright by Weihao Pan. All rights reserved.

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See Through the Arch

Pacific Range, BC

In this past July I went on an amazing backpacking trip with some friends to a place located deep within British Columbia's coastal mountains between Vancouver and Alaska. I've never seen something like this before. This shot was taken under a around 40ft tall and 50ft wide ice arch which formed due to glacial recession. I was paddling on a small pack raft and being very close to the huge ice wall which just sitting right beside me. So yes, there's potential a huge trunk of ice falling on me!!