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My image "Icebound Window" received 4th International Fine Art Photography Awards - Professional Landscape Category 2nd Place

作品“冰封窗口”获得2018 国际艺术摄影大赛 International Fine Art Photography Awards - 专业组风光类别 银奖

Icebound Window


My image "Wuthering" received 2017 International Landscape Photographer of the Year - Top 101 Award & included in the book. There were 3518 entries from 866 photographers around the world. Happy to receive the honor. 

作品“呼啸”获得2017 国际年度风光摄影师大赛 (International Landscape Photographer of the Year) - Top 101奖


My image "Puzzle" received 2017 ND Awards Nature:Tree category 2nd place Silver Star award and three other images received three Honorable Mentions in Nature:Landscape & Others category

There were 6849 entries submitted from 89 countries. Happy to received the honor!

作品“拼图”获得2017 国际ND Awards中性灰摄影大赛 自然-树类别 银奖

另外3张作品也获得 3项其他、 自然及风光类别荣誉题名

Untitled photo


My image "Pyramid" received 2016 Memorial Maria Luisa 27th "Mountain Landscape" category Highly Commended Award.

There were 16,000 photographs which were submitted to the contest by 1401 registered photographers from 81 countries. This is a great honor for me! If you want to see all the award winning images, check this video out!

作品“金字塔”获得2016 第 27 届 Memorial Maira Luisa 国际山峰自然及户外摄影大赛 - 优秀奖

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