Fine Art Printing

Prints are available for all of my images on this website and are handled on an individual basis. 

I offer tradition prints which are available in Gloss and Lustre. I also offer prints on Metal, which is a fantastic medium for fine art prints. They are very durable and can be cleaned with window cleaner, and they are very light. Due to the metal substrate being stiff, the prints are ready to hang. 

However, my personal recommendation is the new Lumachrome face mounted acrylic pieces made for me by  These prints have incredible amounts of detail and an almost a 3-D appearance. For large prints this option is amazing.

Please fill out the Contact form with your request and include the image name, size, and type of print that you are interested in purchasing. 


Licensing is available for all of my images and is handled on an individual basis. Please contact me with your licensing needs and for pricing information. Even if you don’t see the exact image you are looking for on this site, I have a stock collection of images, so feel free to contact me with specific requests.

Environmental Work

If you are interested in licensing any images on this website to be used by an environmental charity or other organization that focuses on protecting our natural lands, please contact me to discuss.  A significant discount or free licensing of my images might be applied to your publication depends on the situations. I will try my best to assist environmental groups and charities in their mission. On the other hand, I am available for photo assignments regarding environmental protection. Please contact me and discuss more of it. 

Mountain Flower Sea

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