Mountain Landscapes 山峰 - Weihao Pan 潘瑋浩

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Himalaya Temple

Nyenchen Tanglha East, Tibet

A place that no one else shot it before and probably 98% of people never heard of. This is in a very remote region of Southeast Tibet. The two triangular towers are Mt. Kajiaqiao(also known as Kajiaqiaowa in Tibetan) and Mt.Manamcho. If you google the picture of these two peaks, you probably end up nothing or only a couple documentary pictures. They're both the sacred mountains in the local Tibetan. Mt. Kajiaqiao first ascent by Mick Fowler and Chris Watts in 2005, and Mt Manamcho first ascent by Mick Fowler and Paul Ramaden in 2007. I found this particular lake during my map research in both topo map and Google earth. I realized how amazing if I can shot this particular view with 3 massive towers stand right in the background. It was a two day hike in or you can do it in one long day, starting from the base of the Yi'ong Tsangpo river. and gain elevation 600m vertical in one day. When I got up to this particular view after climbing a big rock sloping hill that covered with fair amount of snow, I was impressed by how giant this view and it felt like standing in a sacred temple, a "Himalaya Temple".